Homebrew DTVii joystick brings tilt-sensing to the C64

While the Wii and PS3 are getting most of the motion-sensing attention these days, Commodore 64 enthusiast Doug Garmon seems intent on proving that his old school system is also up to the task, developing a homebrew joystick that not only packs an accelerometer, but is wireless to boot. As you can see in the video after the break, the whole setup appears to work quite well, although it doesn't exactly provide a full-range of motion-sensing abilities, confined instead to a still-impressive tilt action. While this particular version of the controller makes use of C64-compatible DTV unit instead of an honest-to-goodness Commodore 64, Doug isn't about to let the hardcore Commodore fans among us down, saying he has receiver for the C64 "already made" but hasn't yet tested it.

[Via Hack a Day]