Apple WiFi iPod due Q3 2007? Let's not bet the farm.

Perennial Apple rumor-ist DigiTimes has come out with a biggie today, predicting a non-iPhone, WiFi-connected iPod in Q3 this year. The rumor isn't preposterous, despite the fact that Apple would be hamstringing its own iPhone sales slightly by releasing what would no doubt be a cheaper and more roomy traditional iPod so soon after the iPhone's debut. Wireless sharing is the future, and Apple's probably going to have to squeeze it into its own players sooner or later. What gives us pause is DigiTimes' abysmal track record with Apple hardware rumors, and despite its best assurances of component manufacturers getting in on the action -- USI shipping the WiFi chipset in April, and Foxconn slapping the iPods together in Q3 -- we're going to remain doubtful on this one.

[Via TG Daily]