Panasonic comes to NAB bearing P2 HD goodies

As Apple's keynote no doubt illustrated, NAB is for the most part concerned with one thing: HD video. Panasonic doesn't seem to have missed that point one bit with its slew of announcements, including a good amount of P2 HD products for us flash-memory fanboys to drool over. Panasonic is going to be releasing its 16GB P2 card in May for $900, and promises a 32GB version by the end of the year. If you haven't been tracking with this stuff, P2 is a PCMCIA-based storage format that allows for large amounts of flash memory to be swapped in and out of pro digital video cameras on the fly, perfect for quick turnaround jobs such as news editing. Along with the new cards, Panasonic is announcing the AJ-HPX3000 1080p, five-slot P2 HD camera, for $48k, and the AG-HPX500 four-slot 1080i / 720p camera (pictured) for $14k. Other related products to be released this year include a pair of "specialty cameras," and a portable P2 HD viewer going for $4k.