Porsche Cayenne cellphone speeds right by the trademark police

We've seen automakers galore slap their logos and color schemes onto modern day handsets, but what would the world of exotic mobiles be without a Porsche in the mix? Apparently, a Hong Kong manufacturer has taken the duty upon itself, as the presumably unlicensed Porsche Cayenne cellphone is now showing up on overseas streets with a full automotive makeover. Externally, you'll find smooth lines and Porsche-brandings, while a two-megapixel camera graces the hood and a color screen (shown after the jump) sits atop the guages. Although actual specs can't be confirmed, we're hearing that it purs along on dualband GSM, supports microSD flash cards, and plays nice with MP3 / MP4 files. Of course, we aren't expecting the quality of this sub-$200 handset to even come close to that found on your average Porsche, but we'd suggest snapping one up on the double before impending legal action dries up the supply.

[Via Textually]