Audiovox to bulk up Xpress XM tuner line with Replay, EZ

Orbitcast's got the scoop on a pair of upcoming XM tuners from Audiovox, the entry-level Xpress EZ (pictured after the break) and somewhat high-end Xpress Replay (pictured after the break, and simply referred to as the XpressR if you want to sound hip around satrad nerds). The EZ is about as barebones as they come, sporting a mere three-button-plus-single-knob interface but not much else; you are getting a three-line display, but for $70, we'd expect them to at least throw a little remote action in there. Much more appealing is the Replay, which as Orbitcast tells us, is the first satellite radio ever to feature a split-screen display, meaning you can keep the current channel's info onscreen while you scroll through five stations at a time on the six-line LCD. Like members of the Sirius family sporting a 'Replay' tag, the XpressR allows for pausing / rewinding live feeds thanks to its 30 minute buffer, while also offering a total of 30 presets. Expect both models to become available sometime in June, and if we might be so bold, either would seem to be an upgrade over your current Xpress model in the looks department.