Zune gets limited edition Adult Swim version

For all those Venture Brothers, Aqua Teen, Sea Lab, Harvey Birdman, and Robot Chicken nerds whose hearts just skipped a beat, steel yourself. While Microsoft is indeed producing a limited edition Adult Swim version of the Zune, when we say it's limited edition, we mean it: only 500 are being made, and will be given away at a Turner promotional event tonight. Obviously these units will have pre-loaded content, including photos, music, and, naturally, such classic shows as Assy McGee, Metalocalypse (rawk), and even a new program titled Lucy, Daughter of the Devil (on screen). Now if only we could get Microsoft to continue making Zunes with new colors and etchings, surely that will distract us all from the fact that they haven't actually done anything to improve the platform since launch (or launched any new devices, for that matter).