Rumor: Impossible Mission remake going to Wii Shop?

Oh, good, another one of those vague, confusing rumors we love so well! Infendo is reporting that the latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals a downloadable Wii Shop version of the Commodore 64 classic Impossible Mission. Infendo seemed to think that the Wii Shop version would be the same as the DS remake. However, the resulting NeoGAF thread made the situation seem a lot less clear.

Apparently, publisher System 3 also plans to release a retail disc of Impossible Mission. It would be kind of weird to release the same game on disc and the Wii Shop, right? But it would also be weird to release the exact same game for Wii and DS. After all, the DS is not the PSP. So, with no real information to go on, let's do some speculatin'! Here are all the possibilities we can think of:

  1. The same game is coming out for both the Wii and DS. Unlikely.

  2. The DS game will be downloadable on the Wii, and will release concurrently with a separate Wii version.

  3. The DS and Wii remakes will be separate and accompanied by a Virtual Console release of the C64 original. This seems more plausible.

  4. LIES!