Illuminator's first product: the Bevy iPod Shuffle case

Sure, we've seen an iPod Shuffle go mano a mano with a knife-wielding owner, but the first product from Morphie's Illuminator project takes on bumps, drops, and bottle tops with the best of 'em. The aptly-titled Bevy wears a number of hats, the most obvious of which is a dashing 2G Shuffle protective case, but other built-in functions include acting as a key ring, earbud wrap, and bottle opener for when times are desperate. The Illuminator project was unveiled at this year's Macworld, and while hundreds of entries found their way in, this is the first of three winning designs chosen to be produced and sold to the public. The Bevy is currently available for pre-ordering in green, pink, blue, orange, and silver for $15.