Widget Watch: Photo Drop "10 sec photo editing"

Photo Drop (not to be confused with the photo batch processor we mentioned a while back) is a nifty Dashboard Widget that promises "10 sec. photo editing." Basically, you drag an image file from the Finder and drop it on the widget (in the Dashboard). You're then able to resize or trim the image and add one of 8 effects (e.g. reflection, rounded corners, etc.). When you're done you can drag the image off the widget back into the Finder, or save it to the clipboard or Desktop. The Photo Drop site has a couple of screencasts to give you a sense of what it can do.

I think the concept of doing simple edits in a Dashboard widget is a good one, but I'd like to see more functionality (e.g. cropping, rotation, etc.). Photo Drop is a free download from dropping, Inc.

[via Cool OSX Apps]