GoPass AVL-900 monitors action in your car, lets you listen in

GoPass' sneaky new device isn't a foreign concept, but the AVL-900 definitely ups the ante by not only allowing the installer to track the vehicle's every turn via GPS / GPRS, but it sports an integrated microphone to let the uber-curious listen in. Although parents may gleam and teens may fume, this portable tracking system packs a SiRF Star III GPS receiver, supports quad-band GSM communications, and can report positions on a timed interval or send an alert to your cellphone if the vehicle is moved (read: stolen) while you're away. The company claims that you won't be charged any monthly fees for the voyeuristic luxuries, and if seeing a moving dot wasn't close enough to being in the backseat, you can simply text the device or ring it up to enable a listen-only conversation to what's happening within. Moreover, the AVL-900 will even let you monitor the movements from your smartphone, and while we know the suspicious parents in the crowd have their credit cards ready, there's sadly (or fortunately, depending on perspective) no pricing or availability deets to hand out just yet.

[Via NaviGadget]