Sony announces 80GB PS3...for Korea

Well we have to admit, we sure didn't see this one coming. There have been rumors of a higher capacity PlayStation 3 for several months now, but no one figured that the first 80GB model would drop not in Japan or the US, but South Korea. And yet that's exactly what's scheduled to go down June 16th, when the previously-denied, Euro-spec'ed PS3 (but no 20GB or 60GB models, it seems) will hit the land of Samsung and LG for a pre-tax 518,000 won -- or just $556. While we don't want to get your hopes up, we can't help but think that this move bodes well for US consumers too; after all, the 80 gigger is already through the FCC, meaning that price drops and unimaginable storage space could be right around the corner.

Update: Not that this means much in a world where companies tell bold-faced public lies in order to protect their business plans, but Sony has informed that there are no plans to sell the 80GB PS3 in Europe, or anywhere else outside of South Korea for that matter. In other words, we expect word on an international release any day now.

[Thanks, Alex]