ModBook gets free upgrades for pre-orderers, to ship soon

The modders behind the ModBook -- the first Mac tablet -- certainly know how to satisfy their customers. In an email to let those that pre-ordered know that their machine could be shipping to them by the end of June, the OWC guys announced that they've upped the sensitivity of the tablet's screen to 512 levels, from 256. We're not artists (IANAA?), so we're not sure if it'll make the ModBook viable as a replacement for your Wacom, but it can't hurt. They're also including the option of replacing the optical drive with a second hard disk for up to 500GB of storage, and the option of selecting an addition gig of RAM for up to 3GB built-to-order. The extra memory option ain't that impressive -- it'll deny the machine the benefits of dual rate speed that comes from matched pairs -- but the 500GB will no doubt make the torrent junkies happy. Alongside these build to order options, the ModBook now comes with specs identical to the recent MacBook updates, so you'll get an extra 160MHz, some more RAM, and some more disk space, free of charge. Not bad for a tablet that isn't even out yet.