Vitality's GlowCaps remind you to pop those pills

In case the digital pill box is a bit too much for you current needs, Vitality is looking to give those one-off prescriptions a bit of added intelligence to make sure they get taken on time. The firm's GlowCaps seem to have been around for some time, but who's not kosher with having one less thing to remember each day? The caps purportedly fit onto standard prescription bottles, and can alert users that it's time to open wide by softly glowing, emailing the user or remote caregiver, and mailing you a monthly report of how you minded the signals. Additionally, an optional feature will actually enable the device to send in refill requests as your pill count begins to deplete, and if you use multiple caps, they can each talk wirelessly to the NightLite adapters that can translate the glow to your AC outlet. Pricing details aren't readily available, but we're sure a personal med-minder won't run you cheap.

[Via Infosthetics]