Hasbro unveils Real Gear Transformers based on real life gadgets

Those of you not able to bust out your cardboard box Optimus Prime costume and make a scene at your local theaters next month when the new Transformers movie hits can at least comfort yourselves with the most amazing onslaught of merchandise tie-ins and cross-promotions we've yet seen out of Hollywood -- Hasbro's Real Gear line of bots are an Engadget editor's geeky wet dream mashup of gadgets and Transformers. See: Speed Dial 800 (pictured), which seems to have copped his look from a Star Trek, or Power Up VT6, which from what we can tell is the unholy marriage of Sega Game Gear and first-gen Game Boy Advance. Pics of all the new Real Gear Transformers (with our guesses as to which devices they likeliest correspond to) in the gallery.

[Via Crave]