Dell's Ubuntu-equipped XPS 410n desktop reviewed

Just about a week after Dell officially started offering up Linux-equipped machines for sale, an anxious user over at UbuntuForums managed to get his hands around a XPS 410n desktop and put it through a few paces. Notably, the unboxing experience was far from enthralling, as the documentation still reeked of Windows and an Ubuntu install disc was (mistakenly) not included. Those quirks aside, the "remarkably silent" startup led to a fair amount of tinkering to get things up and running as he wanted, but the general vibe was a positive one. While it did take "some skill" to make the machine play nice with his non-Dell monitor, there didn't seem to be any issues that Dell's technical support (or his internal knowledge) couldn't solve. After cracking open the case, he was "delighted" at the quiet cooling system that was included and the ease of snapping in / out hardware components. All in all, it seems like Dell's first shot at a Linux-based machine was a commendable effort, but considering that it wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, we'd recommend tapping the read link and giving the thread a good perusal before diving in head first.

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