EB's Menlow-based MIMD UMPC remembers to bring the sexy

No offense, Amtek, we're sure that McCaslin-based U560 of yours has ample reason to be so big and ugly, but we're going to put our dollars on this "MIMD" (Mobile Internet Multimedia Device) Menlow-based UMPC from EB if you don't mind. Yes, it's the same "MID" device which Intel was proudly showing back in April only now with a bit of meat around the source. Along with the promising advances brought by Intel's UMPC-oriented Menlow chipset, the MIMD promises Mobile WiMax, HSDPA, GPS and a 4.8-inch high resolution screen. We should be seeing this one running Linux and hitting sometime in 2008. McCaslin, we hardly knew ye.

[Via UMPCPortal]