Watch the Prince of Persia movie on 10 July, 2009

You know, if you have nothing else to do. According to, Disney has already scheduled a release date for its game-to-something-vaguely-adhering-to-the-characteristics-of-cinema adaptation, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Arriving on July 10th, 2009, the film will presumably spring from the world established by Ubisoft's modern Prince of Persia trilogy and then be run through the standard movie exec alteration gauntlet.

Not much is known about the film, save for its alleged incorporation of Parkour and its involvement with Jerry "Needs More Splosions" Bruckheimer. Michael Bay's directorial sledgehammer has been eyed for the film, but no official announcement on the subject has been made. There's a feint chance of the film turning into a charming and boisterous adventure along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean, but the realistic expectation is to leave the cinema complaining about the abundance of car chases and Eva Mendez's poor rendition of "Look, a crack!"