Pyro 1.6: Campfire client gains search, drag and drop file transfer enhancements and more

It's been over a year since we first mentioned Pyro, the powerful Mac OS X client for 37signals' Campfire web-based chat service for groups and businesses. While I personally didn't pick up a copy back then since I wasn't a Campfire user, I'm not entirely familiar with every change that has come since April '06. Still, even the most recent list of changes warrants Pyro another mention, especially since I'm looking at using Campfire for a few uses and projects.

In addition to already offering a dashboard and central location for all your Campfire chats and displaying message status alerts in the Dock icon, check out what's new in Pyro 1.6:

  • Any file type can be dragged onto Pyro to share in a Campfire chat

  • Pyro will automatically zip a folder or .APP

  • Dragging an image from a web browser will insert a URL for that image instead of uploading it

  • Campfire's new sidebar search field now works in Pyro

  • Support for the new WebKit installed by Safari 3 beta (mentioned on the Pyro development blog)

  • and of course, bug fixes

As Campfire's example uses page details, there are a lot of great scenarios for such a slick web app, and Pyro looks like the perfect tool to bring together the coolness of Campfire with the power of Mac OS X. Surprisingly, Pyro is still offered free, and even though Campfire primarily focuses on business users by offering a few paid accounts, it too has a free account with which you can register and tinker around to see if Campfire is right for your use.