Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: New Sony HDTVs incoming

Want a new Sony HDTV but can't stand to look at the prices of the latest Bravia's? Consider yourself in luck as a "value priced" line should be hitting Wal-Mart, Target and other retail shops near you in the next couple of months. No word on price or specs, but it certainly appears the company will be going right at the Vizio's and Westinghouse's of the world. Other details released include plans to ramp up Blu-ray standalone player shipments "5 or 6 times" over last year's 100,000 units, and again that we can expect to see those beautiful OLEDs from CES to hit the streets in Japan...but only in 11-inch sizes. They also found time to mention that they don't plan on releasing a hybrid player, and that while 40-inch is the most popular LCD size now, their 8G plant will be on line soon to make 46- and 50-inch HDTVs at even lower prices.

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