NASCAR countersues AT&T for $100 million, moves to ban future telecom sponsorships

We really couldn't care less about who wins this race or that race on the NASCAR circuit, and yet we've been unable to take our eyes off of the stock car giant's ongoing legal battle with AT&T, which has just entered a new and more contentious phase this week. You'll recall that in an effort to protect Nextel's exclusive 10-year sponsorship, NASCAR officials attempted to prohibit the "new" AT&T from rebranding Jeff Burton's Cingular car -- an attempt that was thwarted in a US District Court last month. Well apparently Brian France and friends aren't too fond of watching Burton race around the track with his shiny new paint job, and have just filed a $100 million countersuit in Atlanta, citing "breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, and conspiracy to aid and abet wrongful interference with Nextel." What's more, NASCAR is seeking the right to completely ban any non-Nextel telecommunications sponsors from the sport starting in 2008, which would allow it to give both AT&T and Alltel the boot. Ah, courtroom drama: the true sport of kings.