Zune Marketplace to get MTV, VH1, and CMT content?

A tenacious Zune user has recently stumbled across some potentially eyebrow-raising information while dipping into the device's desktop software files. It seems that embedded in an innocent looking ZuneMarketPlace.dll file is some internal code that suggests a new content partnership with MTV, VH1, and CMT for the Zune Marketplace. We know that Zune software has its roots in Windows Media Player, and Microsoft and MTV are pretty tight with their Urge integration in WMP11 -- but that doesn't necessarily mean this is holdover code. The found strings are very specific about mentioning "VH1 on Zune" and the like, so that's clearly cause for speculation. Too bad they didn't find anything about Lionsgate or some other movie studios though, this thing is way overdue for some video content.