Guncon 3 and Time Crisis 4: press that pedal down to see some screens

It's almost unfair how many quarters Time Crisis 2 sucked out of our pockets, but we're not going to talk about that classic. It's time to double that number and check out some screenshots of Time Crisis 4 as well as a few pictures of the featured Guncon 3. While the game may not be a graphical achievement, they never really were. But the fun factor made up for it in spades, clubs, diamonds and even hearts.

So, you've seen the images of the game, but you're still wondering if the Guncon 3 will keep the red and blue plastic look we've all been able to recognize in arcades worldwide. Short answer? No. Long answer? No, but it looks pretty awesome. We've stuck a small image of it in the big image above so you can get the gist of it. It's metallic, looks a little beat up and used, but mostly screams "shoot me at your screen, please." We're excited for this game since the last time we had fun with a light gun style game was House of the Dead II for the Dreamcast. Any Time Crisis memories you'd care to share?