Hori brings non-wacky controller to the Wii

With almost every controller accessory and attachment for the Wii seeming more hare-brained than the last, it's a relief to come across a more traditional product. The only evidence to suggest any link between Hori's Fighting Stick and the Wii, besides its white and blue colors, are the three buttons on the top right labeled with the remote's home, plus, and minus symbols. Uh, and the parts where it says "Wii."

Though it isn't completely clear yet what purpose the top left switches serve, they're probably meant for turbo/slow/hold functions. Like Hori's fighting sticks for other consoles, this one employs the Japanese design favored by the hardcore -- convex buttons, ball top stick (Sanwa, likely), arced button placement, and what we assume to be a square gate. It might take some time for you to adjust to the layout if you're used to western setups.

Play-Asia's $52.90 import price might sound expensive, but it's indicative of Hori's reputation as a manufacturer of relatively high-quality arcade sticks. Hopefully, the Wii will actually have some fighting games that are compatible with the stick by the time its November release in Japan comes around. Check past the post break for a larger image.