Vodafone selected as Apple's Euro iPhone partner?

As much fanfare as Apple's partnership with AT&T is getting stateside, there continues to be eerily little official discussion about the specifics of the iPhone's upcoming European launch. The reason for the silence is a subject of some debate, but the popular theory seems to be that Apple's spoiled brat-like demands aren't going over well with Europe's major carriers. Though T-Mobile's been named as a possibility to eventually cave (or cause Apple to cave?), Credit Suisse seems to think Vodafone makes the most sense -- and now at least one retailer seems to be lending credibility to that theory. This is all super sketch, mind you -- after all, it's been widely believed that Apple would go straight to 3G for its European launch -- but phones2U now lists the 8GB iPhone (though pricing is "TBA") as being available with a handful of monthly plans. It's not out of the question for a retailer to break news like this, so we'll see what happens.

[Thanks, Cassio]