Meizu responds to iPhone launch... with more M8 pictures

Nothing really new here, just the first pictures of the latest MiniOne M8 redesign from the sides, top, bottom, and back. Sorry, we'd love to tell you when this 11.8-mm of sexy will break loose Stateside and beyond but we can't. Still, if it makes you feel any better you can always prop these pictures up next to the dubious import pricing and dates we heard about this morning. You know, with claims of releasing a game changing 3G, HSDPA with WiFi worldphone packing 16GB of flash by early 2008... isn't it about time for Meizu to get this project out of their Chinese language bulletin boards and issue an honest to goodness foreign press release? In the mean time, we'll continue to cast doubt while you go toe-to-toe with product renderings in the gallery. Oh, and before you go... it looks like an iPhone. Ha, you didn't think you'd escape this post without some kind of Apple reference did ya?