iPhone briefly shows up on Amazon UK with price, date

It didn't provide even an inkling of how the ongoing will-they-or-won't-they carrier drama plaguing the iPhone's European adventures will resolve itself, but that certainly doesn't mean it ain't interesting: Amazon's British outpost briefly listed pricing, launch date, and pre-order details for the 8GB iPhone earlier today, pegging the unit at £329 (about $663) on December 1 (it has since been pulled and replaced with a far less informative version). It seems reasonable enough if the price includes tax, though the pre-holiday date might be a bummer for the more impatient among the UK's iPhone hopefuls. Then again, we're thinking the odds are good that both the MSRP and drop date are merely Amazon estimates here and not anything official -- especially since there's no mention of a carrier. Needless to say, iPhone Watch continues east of the pond.

[Via MacNN]