Logitech's MX Air Mouse: a witches brew of lasers, MEMS, and RF geekmagic

Oh hey, that little fella looks familiar. Sure enough, the rechargeable Logitech MX Air Mouse we spied last month is getting real this morning. Touting Logitech's "Freespace" motion control, the Air Mouse combines MEMS sensors with DSP and 2.4GHz RF technology for both gestural motion-control and traditional laser mousing about. The Air Mouse attempts to bridge the gap between mouse and remote control with a touch-sensitive scroll-panel (instead of a scroll wheel) and dedicated pause/play and volume control buttons positioned down the center of the device. Push the volume button and flick the mouse right or left to increase or decrease the volume, respectively, at distances up to 30 feet away from your PC. Niiice. Better yet, it's shaped to impress when toted about in the trousers... gaRowl! Ships in the US and Europe for $150 sometime in August.