AT&T's 8525 Windows Mobile 6 ROM leaked

One down -- well sort of anyway -- and two to go in AT&T upgrade-land friends. While this update isn't all fresh-from-the-AT&T-support-site official, it is a real update for the 8525 from HTC, is the newest and freshest Windows Mobile 6 release, and it's free. Nitty gritty OS info for those who really care -- and have twitchy update fingers -- labels the build as 3.57.502.1 with a ROM date stamped 07/10/07 and radio version While we won't divulge the secret resting place of the aforementioned Windows Mobile treat, we can hint that the xda-developers forums will -- as is always the case -- likely yield some results. As with any OS update, flash at your own risk as stuff can and often does go awry.