Microsoft patents reveal dubious ad client, helpful clipping lists

As if learning about one new aspect of Windows today wasn't enough, a duo of recent patent applications may lend a hand in discovering a few new, um, features about the Windows of the future. Up first is a dubious filing that details an "advertising services architecture" which actually uses content stored on your hard drive to trigger advertisements when browsing the web, and while we're no expert on the matter, that sure reeks of adware to our untrained noses. Next, however, is a glimpse at a potentially updated taskbar function dubbed "clipping lists," which forms clippings of your internet windows, documents, etc. into "peripheral regions of the display." Of course, this idea is certainly not new, but apparently Redmond has a vision in mind that would deviate somewhat from existing creations. 'Course, we're fairly sure you brushed right over that second tidbit as you thought about how violated patent number one would make you feel, no?

[Via InformationWeek, image courtesy of KlondikeConsulting]
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