Remastered Fifth Element Blu-ray disc finally shines

We can imagine quite a few Fifth Element faithful were ready and willing to hand over MSRP in order to take home one of the first Blu-ray copies of the quasi-cult classic, but the overwhelming response from those hoping for the best was nothing short of unpropitious. Thankfully for those still hanging on for some type of retribution, Sony announced that it would be exchanging the original copies out with fresh, remastered iterations just as soon as the cleaner, smoother, and more BD-worthy version went gold. Of course, it'd be awfully good to know whether to waste your time with such a process if the new flavor was just a minor upgrade, and we're quite relieved to hear from HighDefDigest that Sony nailed it this time around. From the overall image quality improvement to the unexpected addition of a Dolby TrueHD audio track, the differences were more than noticeable to the discerning eye, so if you managed to save yourself from snagging the subpar edition the first go 'round, it looks like the updated cut may actually be worth your while.