InfoSec Sellout disappears, worm now claimed to affect OS X 10.4.10

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Thomas Ricker
July 19, 2007 4:36 AM
InfoSec Sellout disappears, worm now claimed to affect OS X 10.4.10
InfoSec Sellout, the hacker(s) behind that claimed OS X worm we mentioned yesterday, has kinda-sorta disappeared from the Internets. Sellout's blog, which classified the information security industry as a bunch of "snake oil salesmen, pimps and whores," is "now dead" according to the anonymous blogger (or bloggers) who many think is hacker LMH of January's "Month of Apple Bugs." Mysteriously, the site has reemerged under a new name boasting a link to SecurityFocus where InfoSec Sellout's vulnerability claim now includes the latest version of OS X: 10.4.10. Oddly, Sellout claims that his/her site was hacked, and the new posts are fakes. Huh? Sellout claims that the reason for the shutdown was due to the loss of hacker anonymity from "cry babies" who can't handle a little honesty. Of course, none of this makes any sense. After all, there's always Google cache. Besides, if his/her (or their) claim of developing a first, massively propagating OS X worm is true, then just like DVD Jon before, Sellout's fiscal future as an industry professional would be all but guaranteed. So what are you really hiding from Sellout?

[Via Macworld]

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