iPhone on T-Mobile's German site: Das Neue Kult-Handy!

Yup, more anecdotal evidence in support of that iPhone deal with T-Mobile Germany. The image and text above, which translates to "the new cult cellphone," are currently available from the site via the links below. Though, we have the feeling they'll be gone in just a few short minutes of this posting. Of course, that's just the old, pre-YouTube iPhone image with the 9:41 time setting and Cingular text scrubbed clean. Now come on Apple, how 'bout a European iPhone announcement already, this is getting ridiculous.

Update: Oh my, another graphic was found by Brainbug in the comments: available "starting 1st November," kids. Image after the break.

Update 2: Another image showing "starting 1st August" has now been uncovered by reader Jerome. Hedging your bets are we T-Mobile?

Update 3: Er, the dates from the previous updates are being auto-generated from the URL. Duh.

[Via MyITablet]

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