Intel cuts prices on quad-core chips

Intel is giving a lot of cheap speed-freaks cause for celebration today, as the company has just announced some deep price cuts to its line of quad-core CPUs (and a few other price snips here and there). The chipmaker has knocked down the price of the 2.93GHz Core 2 Quad QZ6800 with a 1066MHz FSB to $999, the 2.66 GHz Q6700 to $530, and the 2.4GHz Q6600 to $300 (shaving off almost half of its price). With these new drops, the Q6600 has become the cheapest quad-core chip on the market, thus making chumps of the people who bought it a month ago, but those who've been waiting for the cuts will be glad they did. Additionally, Intel has reduced the cost of some of its Core 2 Duo processors, taking around $20 off of the cost of the 2.2GHz E4500 and the 2GHz E4400. Be sure to check out InformationWeek's complex breakdown of the cuts, and where to find the best deals.

[Via The Inquirer, thanks Tech L]