Intel announces simplified product-naming scheme

It looks like Intel has come to the realization that its product naming scheme has gotten a little out of hand and, as Ars Technica reports, it's now taking some measures to simplify things a bit. Apparently, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 Solo will all simply be known as "Core 2" starting on January 1st, 2008 (presumably with some other means to differentiate then), and Intel Viiv Processor Technology and Intel vPro Processor Technology will henceforth be known as Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with Viiv (or vPro). Further on down the line, Pentium D and Pentium Dual-Core will both be shortened to just "Pentium," while the server-centric Itanium 2 gets demoted to plain old "Itanium." According to Ars, Core 2 Extreme, Celeron, and Xeon will all stay as they are. Simple, right?