First "real" snapshots of Meizu's M8 supposedly surface

We'll be the first to admit that the first "real" photographs of Meizu's M8 still appear mighty doctored, but hey, so long as the final product looks this good, we'll be content. Nevertheless, the firm has made available three supposed snapshots for us to drool over, and while we're far beyond the point of actually believing anything these guys say in regard to a release date, the latest news on that front has the finalized unit ready for testing by the year's end. 'Course, there's still no set date for actually getting it into the needy hands of consumers everywhere, but the most recent price estimates peg the 4GB M8 at 2,380CNY ($314) and the 8GB version at 2,880CNY ($380). Per usual, feel free to peep the other two snaps after the jump.

[Via MyMiniOne]