SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian in private beta

Windows Mobile and Palm devices won't be having all the placeshifting fun for much longer. Though carrier Hutchison 3 has had its own version for some time through its X-Series line, a generic, widely available SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian has eluded the populace for ages; thankfully, it looks like that's all about to change with Sling announcing a private beta for its upcoming S60-based player. At this point, the beta's focus is pretty limited -- you've gotta be in the US and you need to be rocking a Nokia E65, N75, or N95. High speed data is obviously crucial here, and those three models happen to sport the prerequisite S60 plus WiFi -- in the case of the E65 and N95 -- or 3G, if you've gone the N75 route. Any Slingbox model will get the job done, and other than that, you basically just have to be able to keep your mouth shut, fill out some forms, and enjoy plenty of placeshifted teevee. The beta's tentatively scheduled to last about four weeks, so here's hoping we'll see a public release soon thereafter.