Back-to-school shopping? Don't forget the bulletproof backpacks

Sending your kid off to school these days isn't what it used to be -- at least that's what one company called MJ Safety Solutions would have you believe -- because they're selling a bulletproof backpack. That's right, two worried parents in Boston have created "My Child's Pack," a $175 bulletproof book-bag that will stop an assortment of bullets (including hollow-point 9mm) dead in their tracks. The two inventors feel this will provide a simple solution for parents hoping to protect children from school shootings and gun violence. As sensitive creator Joe Curran says, "I don't care what you do -- if you want to fight the good fight or fix the world's hurts, I can't help you, but my kids are going to be safe because of these backpacks." Which might be true, if crazed shooters are only aiming at people's backs. Check out the "special report" video on the bags after the break.

[Via Pocket-lint]