TUAW Tip: Google Calendar works well on your iPhone

Yesterday my co-blogger Dave Caolo was lamenting the fact that there's no easy way to get his iPhone and Google Calendar to sync (although purchasing Spanning Sync is certainly an option). While it is true that the iPhone's Calendar app only syncs with iCal on a Mac (or, via this trick, Entourage as well), I replied to Dave's woes with: who needs sync, anyway?

I am a happy iCal/iPhone/Google Calendar syncher, thanks to Spanning Sync, but I realize that one man's cup of tea is another man's grubby water. For those that would prefer to simply stick with Google Calendar for all their calendaring, the service actually scales incredibly well for an iPhone. This isn't an iPhone-specific UI or portal like so many other companies are launching. Rather, it seems to be their streamlined UI designed for most mobile phones. Either way, the list of upcoming events looks great, and all you need to do is visit the standard on your iPhone to get redirected.

There is even a Quick Add box at the bottom of this mobile interface that allows you to use Google Calendar's language-friendly event entry system (i.e. - typing "TUAW Chatcast Thursday 9:30 pm"). While this doesn't exactly bring your Google Calendar events into the iPhone's Calendar app, it might offer a usable compromise for those who want or need to live in both worlds.