San Francisco muni WiFi project on its death bed

Not that anyone who lives in the fair city of San Francisco was really all that confident that the muni WiFi project would ever make it off the ground -- even despite Major Gavin Newsom's best intentions -- but now it looks like bad's gone to worse. As you may have read, yesterday EarthLink laid off nearly a thousand employees, and word came today that addition to that news, it's latest corporate restructuring would have it completely backing out of investments in its San Fran WiFi project contract, as well as the WiFi contracts in other cities. Again, not the most earth quaking news, given the word we received from the city that they were more or less pulling the plug anyway.

Watch the whole thing crumble, in slow-mo reverse chronological order:
Read (April 6th, 2006) - San Francisco selects Google/Earthlink for citywide WiFi
Read (January 6th) - It's official: San Francisco to get free WiFi blanket courtesy of Google / EarthLink
Read (August 6th) - San Francisco pulls the plug on Google / Earthlink's citywide WiFi... for now
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