Spectrum, C64 collections coming to DS in Europe

Alten8, the British company who is currently co-developing Eternity's Child, has a couple of interesting retro collections on the way to DS and Wii. Spectrum All-Stars is a collection of games for the ZX Spectrum, and C-64 All-Stars will contain Commodore 64 games. The identity and number of actual games on each collection is unknown, although we can guess the Spectrum contents, at least, from the roster found in the PC version.

Not that it matters. We don't know what any of these games are. The fact that the Spectrum is a complete non-entity for U.S. gamers, combined with the fact that Alten8 itself is British, leads us to believe that those ESRB ratings are more the result of a boxart template than of any intention to release the game outside of Europe. ESRB searches for "Spectrum" and "C64" bear out this theory; Alten8 has not received ESRB certification for either of these games.

Too bad. We'd like to try some "Speccy" games and see what it was like to be a British gamer in the '80s.