iPod games must be repurchased for new iPods

It looks like those hoping to port their collection of iPod games over to their shiny new iPod nano or iPod classic are going to be out of luck, unless they fork over the cash for new "reformatted" versions of the games. Unfortunately, according to iLounge, only three iPod games have been updated for the latest-gen players, including EA's Tetris and Sudoku, and Namco's Ms. Pac-Man. On the upside, those three games have all received some changes of various degrees, including most notably an all new control scheme on Tetris that'll let you use the click wheel for block rotation. While there's no word on a timeline for upgraded versions of the remaining 15 games, the three that have been reformatted are apparently available for download now for $4.99 apiece.

[Image courtesy of iLounge]