RAmos offers up V150 PMP: good looks on the cheap

RAmos has gone out of its way to make its PMPs and DAPs atypically noticeable in the past, and while the V150 is certainly not the most glamorous we've ever seen, it certainly doesn't look half bad. The sleek, Bluetooth 2.0-equipped device features a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a control lanyard, 2GB of storage, USB connectivity, and support for DivX / XviD formats. Additionally, you can opt for a set of Bluetooth plugs if you're frustrated with cords, and the built-in voice recorder / image viewer are nice touches, too. All in all, you're likely to be pretty pleased when you take the 699CNY ($92) price tag into account, and if you like what you see above, feel free to check out another glimpse after the jump.

[Via PMP Today]