Virgin Digital packs up its DRM and goes home

We haven't heard a lot from Virgin Digital since it launched way back in 2004 (save for the odd squabble with Apple), but we'd be remiss if we didn't note the service's passing, which the company has now made official. According to IDG News, Virgin Digital actually stopped selling tracks in the U.K. last Friday, with the entire service set to be shut down on October 19th. In the meantime, existing customers will be able to enjoy the fruits of their monthly subscription while it lasts, with those that have more than one month of outstanding subscriptions able to get a refund. That doesn't apply to anyone with unused credits for downloads, however, who are advised to use 'em up or lose 'em. All of this follows Virgin Digital's departure from the US market earlier this year, when it packed up shop and left its customers to Napster. While Virgin seems to be staying mum on the exact reasons for the service's closure, as IDG News points out, its reliance on iPod-unfriendly DRM certainly doesn't seem to have helped matters.