Mark/Space to release Missing Sync for iPhone

When I saw that Mark/Space was planning to release a version of Missing Sync for iPhone my first reaction was: what for? But as it happens I think they've hit upon some needed features that are actually missing from the out-of-the-box iPhone experience. First is a Migration Assistant for moving contacts, calendar entries, and photos from a Palm, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry device onto your Mac and thence to the iPhone. It also syncs your SMS messages and call log to your Mac so you don't lose information when you hit the storage limits on the iPhone. Best of all, perhaps, is Notes syncing, which will allow you to view iPhone notes in Yojimbo, Entourage, or Mark/Space's Notebook application. Unfortunately, however, it appears that it's only one-way, from the iPhone to the Mac, and not vice versa. This lack two-way Notes syncing remains a puzzling lacuna as far as I'm concerned, and I'm looking forward to somebody, whether it be Apple or Mark/Space, filling this obvious hole in the iPhone feature set.

Missing Sync for iPhone won't be available until the 4th quarter and will sell for Mark/Space's normal price of $39.95, but crossgrades will be offered from other Missing Sync products.

[via MacNN]