Samsung, Bang & Olufsen get official with Serenata

Who would've thought that the bizarre Serene handset (if you can even call it a "handset") would see a successor? Samsung and Bang & Olufsen must think that they have a good thing going, extending their design partnership by officially announcing the Serenata musicphone. Rumored as the Serene II, the predictably strange lookin' device holds a triband GSM radio (no 850 -- sorry, North America) plus UMTS 2100, a 240 x 240 touchscreen display (augmented with a scroll wheel for UI navigation and control), Bluetooth, USB 2.0, and an integrated stand for displaying your pricey toy on a desk while busting out tunes or calls. Look for it to show up in your friendly local Bang & Olufsen boutique, and if you have to ask the price... well, you know what they say.

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