Pioneer cranks out slew of AVIC in-car navigation systems

Pioneer's been known to unveil new navigators fairly frequently, but the firm is starting October off right by introducing no fewer than nine new units for you to choose from. Starting at the top, the AVIC-HRZ009G / AVIC-HRV002G both sport seven-inch displays, DVD playback, support for MP3 / AAC / DivX formats, a terrestrial digital TV tuner, built-in hard drive and a wireless remote, with the only real difference being the in-dash design of the former and the on-dash (mountable) design of the latter. As your budget tightens, Pioneer ratchets the specs down on seven other similar siblings, giving users a ¥126,000 ($1,094) to ¥262,500 ($2,278) window of alternatives. Hit the read link for all the juicy details on each.

[Via AkihabaraNews]