Zune 2 bits and pieces, plus an in-depth interface video

We know you've heard a lot of Zune 2 info today, but we've got the word on some other details and features that we thought our loyal, highly intelligent, and downright handsome readers would like to know. Also, the folks at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer have scored some quality hands-on time with the 80GB version, and you can see breathtaking video of the interface in action after the break. But first -- here's more goods on Microsoft's newest entry into the media player world:

  • The new players will support lossless audio of the Windows Media variety (don't go screaming FLAC just yet)

  • The WiFi is just b/g, so no n, a or x (the sexiest form of WiFi)

  • Microsoft is still in the testing phase for battery life and will have numbers "later"

  • You can manually sync up the player wirelessly on battery power, but you can't do auto-sync -- you'll need the dock for that action

  • All your old accessories are said to work with the new models

  • The screens are glass, not plastic

  • Green is the new brown... but brown is sticking around on the 30GB models

  • You can connect the Zune to an Xbox 360 to create "your own soundtrack"

[Thanks, Nikropht]