NEC launches trio of spreadsheet-ready MultiSync LCDs

No matter how minor the updates, the steady march of progress continues in the desktop LCD market, and NEC has three new business-friendly MultiSyncs all primed to join that 24-incher we saw in September. The MultiSync 5 Series includes the 19-inch LCD195NXM, 20-inch MultiSync LCD205WNXM and 22-inch LCD225WNXM, with the latter two being of the widescreen variety. There's 5ms response times across the lot of them, and while NEC didn't mention resolutions, we're guessing they're all par for the course. The displays tout Vista compatibility, which seems no major feat, but part of that compatibility includes NEC's NaViSet software, which allows you to adjust display settings with your mouse and keyboard. Also included are down-firing speakers and a four port USB hub. The 19-incher will be out in late November for $300, while the other two will show up in December for $365 and $390, respectively.