Jobo's latest Giga Vu: the Pro Extreme

Jobo's Giga Vu line has always been primarily targeted at photographers who need portable storage and viewing capabilities, but the devices' Linux foundations and open SDK have made them pretty hacker-friendly as well. Both camps should be happy about Jobo's latest entry, the Giga Vu Pro Extreme, which adds support for Jobo's photoGPS unit, bumps capacities up to 160GB, and comes with an SD/SDHC adapter. Apart from that, it's basically the same Giga Vu as always: 3.7-inch VGA screen, support for over 100 RAW formats, loupe viewing modes with dust detection, TV-out, PictBridge support, and a dash of PMP features, including support for MPEG 4 video. No word on when these will actually be hitting shelves, but you'd better start saving your pennies: Jobo's listing the 80GB Pro Extreme at $599, the 120GB at $749, and the $160GB model at a whopping $899.