Jobo's Giga Vu PRO:evolution

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.23.06

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Jobo's Giga Vu PRO:evolution
It's certainly been a while since we've heard from Jobo since the Giga Vue Pro, but it looks like they've got a new device out by the name of the Giga Vue Pro:evolution, which seems like a pretty apropos name. Besides a slightly revamped aesthetic, it's been blessed with a 3.8-inch VGA display in place of its old QVGA screen, drive options up to 120GB, and a replaceable battery (in addition to its CF slot, optional media adapter / WiFi kit, RAW / JPG playback, etc.). You'll pay between $500 and $900 depending on your preference of drive size though; only serious digital photographers need apply for an accessory like this guy.

[Via DAPreview]
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